TAMBUNAN: Director of Tambunan Community College, Jominin Goropos, along with the staff showed their support to Good Shepherd Services (GSS) in launching “Orange the World 2019”, a 16-day programme to end violence against women and children which will be held at the college on Dec 6 this year starting 8am.The visit to the college by GSS culminated in a discussion about the programme which will involve new students from the institution, Women Support Group and the communities of Tambunan.Manager of YouthPREP Centre (organised under GSS), Jossie Sili said that creating awareness about violence against women and children to the community college could be a catalyst in the drive to strengthen protection over women and children in Tambunan.

In addition, she said, Orange The World is an international event that is organised under United Nations (UN) as Nov 25 marks the beginning of the activity that will conclude on Dec 10.“Therefore, individuals and organisations around the world are encouraged to join in the cause to prevent and eliminate of violence against women and children. Good Shepherd Services are one of the organisations who actively participate in this activity each year,” she said.

Meanwhile, Jominin said that the collaboration between Good Shepherd Services and the college is essential and significant in empowering women and children as this institution itself provides education that is needed by the community.He said, through this activity, new students are empowered with this crucial awareness and could bring positive changes in their future career that is highly involved in community setting. –Johan Aziz

Source: Daily Express

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